Our mission

Providing a space for dialogue to happen.


Amsterdam Academy is a knowledge-sharing platform for the international community. By taking contemporary issues, successful new talent, and inspiring stories, Amsterdam Academy makes them accessible in the form of panel discussions, guest lectures, workshops, and seminars. Amsterdam Academy is not about passive listening, it’s about active engagement. In this way Amsterdam Academy aims to help the international community integrate and engage with local Amsterdam culture.

Amsterdam Academy also serves as a platform for external organizations by putting together workshops, seminars, and custom-made programs for them. Examples include foreign study abroad programs wanting to run short-term programs in Amsterdam, authors who just published a book and want to speak about this in front of an audience, researchers who want to present their findings, and those with a specific skill, knowledge, or an inspiring story who want to share this with the public. 

Amsterdam Academy was founded by Hannah Huber (39), a Dutch-American who has called The Netherlands her home for over 16 years. Originally from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and having lived in Washington, DC, Hannah's talent is curating high quality programming and connecting peoples’ talent and knowledge to communities that benefit most. Hannah previously served as a resident director for the leading U.S. study abroad organization for American students, running programs in Amsterdam and Groningen. She has a proven track record in curriculum design, organizing events, scouting speakers, and hosting events. Her intercultural skills complement her passion for bringing people together and making connections. 

"My favorite book of all time is Robert D. Putnam's Bowling Alone, where he writes of America's changing behavior of how we have become increasingly disconnected from one another and how social structures  - whether they be the PTA, bowling clubs, or political parties - have disintegrated. Putnam's book was written back in 2000 and yet we continue to struggle with this phenomenon. However, as we all struggle with finding ways to be connected to each other, albeit through social media, we're also discovering the importance of face-to-face contact and the importance of belonging to a community, where we learn from each other and help one another. It's the Progressive philosopher John Dewey who said, 'Democracy must begin at home, and its home is the neighborly community.' 'Only in local, face-to-face associations, adds Dewey's biographer Robert Westbrook, 'could members of a public participate in dialogues with their fellows, and such dialogues were crucial to the formation and organization of the public.' To me, this is what Amsterdam Academy is all about, educating and inspiring one another, creating dialog within the community and providing a space for that dialog to happen."

- Hannah Huber

Hannah Huber, Founder Amsterdam Academy

Hannah Huber, Founder Amsterdam Academy