Tom van Arman's Top 10 Hacker Tips

headshot_tom van arman.jpg

These 10 tips are taken from Tom's talk on 'New Business Opportunities with Mobile Apps' on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015 as part of our sundowner series;

  1. Know where you stand (i.e. know your competition).

  2. Find a problem or a pain (if there's a problem out there, that means there's a market to fix something).

  3. Get feedback. Often people want to keep their app/business ideas a secret. That's a mistake! Share your ideas, talk about it, get feedback.

  4. Pat Pending? In order to protect your idea tell people that it's 'pat pending', meaning you're in the process, but no patent yet. Universities usually take care of the cost of the patent if you can collaborate with them.

  5. Network, engage, and volunteer (helps in getting leads).

  6. Build an A'team consisting of; hacker (makes it real/finds the angle), hustler (builds business/finds deals/gets customers), designer (compels/ delights/ engages), analyst (tracks growth/keeps you honest)

  7. Get your foot in the door (9/10 people will say no! Don't get discouraged)

  8. Make mistakes, move fast

  9. Practice makes perfect when it comes to making your pitch. It's all about believing and understanding something. Video record your pitch, watch, and re-do until you're happy with it.

  10. Be All American. "You Americans do more, we Europeans think more"...'haalbaarheid studies vs just make it/launch! Of if you want to forego being more American, as Nike puts it, 'just do it!'

Hannah Huber