3 Insider tips from Chris van Maasdijk of Expat Mortgages on financing your home

Chris van Maasdijk of Expat Mortgages had plenty to share with us at his talk on the Amsterdam Housing Market: how to finance your home on Oct. 13. Some take-aways we'd like to share with our members are;

  1. If buying with the purpose to rent out in the future, make sure the property is above 70m2, so you're more certain it will meet the point system requirements for the rental market's free sector.

  2. If you buy a residential property and rent it out when you move away from Amsterdam 5 years from now, officially this is not allowed. If you paid all cash, so no mortgage, then it's fine.

  3. 80% of houses in Amsterdam are built on ground lease of 40-50 years. When buying a property, make sure it's not on ground lease and if it is, check to see how long the lease is valid and how much.

Pijffers-Brizzi conceptuele fotografie

Pijffers-Brizzi conceptuele fotografie

Hannah Huber